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The Group Policy Client service failed the logon.

Access is denied.

I recently had a single citrix user who began receiving this error when attempting to run an streamed applicationĀ from one of my citrix farms.

I began researching the error and, as per the norm, the citrix user forums were less than helpful. They included the norms of "Install hotfix X from citrix, service pack Y from Microsoft" and the like.

I tell ya, I wish I had a dollar for every hotfix citrix said to install that in the end did not solve the issue... but I digress. šŸ™

At any rate, I began looking at another application and noticed it was running without issue. Diffing further, I noticed that the successful application was setup to run on only one server. I configured the failing application to run on that server as well and, wow, it worked.

All of my servers are configured the same, so this was perplexing until IĀ  ran across a thread that mentioned corrupt profiles.

I deleted the users profile on the servers where the application was failing and everything began working properly.

This was odd as the issue was occurring for a while and I reboot the servers nightly and purge all user profiles so I would have thought that it would have cleared on its own.

If you run into this situation, I would highly recommend that you delete the users profile, it may save you lots of time in the citrix forums

Windows cannot connect to the printer, error 0x00000002

When I first got this error, I couldn't tell what was causing it. Just the day before everything was working properly, suddenly problems.

Thinking back, we recently had a user who wasn't seeing one of the printers, while looking at that issue, we noticed that the only available driver was for 64 bit systems. Continue reading Windows cannot connect to the printer, error 0x00000002