Password Safe

Safely and Securely Store your Passwords with Password Safe

I just wanted to take a moment to make mention of a wonderful little program called password safe, it is used to securely encrypt and store your user names and passwords.

There are other password vault programs, and feel free to use the one that fits you best. I have found password safe to be the best for me.

I won't go in depth here, you can get all the information you want at pwdsafe website, but a few of the really nice features are;

  • Multiple groups. I have several groups for work and personal.
  • Autotype capabilities. You can have the application automatically take you to the web site and enter your user name and password...definitely a time saver.
  • Each entry has a notes section. I use this section to store extra information related to the site.
  • In the Additional section of the application, you can configure a password history list. I use this often when a system is restored causing a password to revert.

As I said, there are numerous features in this little application, well worth a look, and being that it is also  I would recommend you at least check it out.

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