Running Logman

Logman create counter LOGNAME -u DOMAIN\USERNAME * -f bincirc -v mmddhhmm -max 300 -c "\\SERVERNAME\LogicalDisk(*)\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Memory\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Network Interface(*)\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Paging File(*)\*" "\\SERVERNAME\PhysicalDisk(*)\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Process(*)\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Redirector\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Server\*" "\\SERVERNAME\System\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Terminal Services\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Processor(*)\*" "\\SERVERNAME\Cache\*" -si 00:01:00



  • LOGNAME, the name assigned to the counter, use this to start and stop the collection
  • DOMAIN\USERNAME, well Duh??
  • SERVERNAME, the server from which data is collected.

The above will collect data on the specified SERVERNAME. I was given this by the Microsoft Support Performance Team for an issue that was occurring, so I would think it would be a good starting point.

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