Clifford A. Boyd
Clifford A. Boyd

Welcome to my Website!

On this page I hope to tell you a little about me and how I can be of help to your company.

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About Myself

My name is Clifford Andrew Boyd, I reside in Florida and have for the past 28 years.

In my career I have filled many roles each requiring some level of expertise in various diciplines;

Operating SystemsRolesProgramming Languages
  • DOS
  • Windows (Through Server 2012)
  • Linux (RHEL, Cent, SuSe and several Linux From Scratch systems)
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Linux Server Administration
  • Active Directory Administration
  • Secure Transport (Secure File Transfer System) Administration
  • Vormetric Encryption Administration
  • System Security and Implementation
  • Firewall IDS/IPS Administration (Checkpoint/Cisco ASA and FWSM)
  • Tripwire Management and Review
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Management and Implementation
  • Web Server Management (Apache and IIS)
  • PGP/GnuPG Management
  • C (My first language and will always hold a special place for me)
  • Visual Basic Script
  • .Net
  • Powershell
  • Perl
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

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